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Healthy Workplace Decision Filter

Be aware of how your organization's decisions impact employees and the broader community.
When faced with an workplace issue or problem, use this Healthy Workplace Decision Tool to forecast consequences and evaluate possible solutions.

Ref: Adapted from: Ministry of Labour


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Tools to Help You Make Your Case

Measuring the psychological health of an organization

Data review is a critical first step when considering any wellness initiative, including those aimed to help improve employee mental health. It not only helps to understand if, and where, your organization may have areas of concern, but it also provides a baseline against which you can measure the impact of any wellness initiatives. (Source: Manulife)



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Social Media Communication Plan

Effective use of social media is an essential component in your communication planning. Leverage social media to effectively engage employees in your wellness programs. Use this planning tool to map out your social media activities.

Social Media Plan
Ref: Excellence Canada 


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Wellness Team Selection

Selecting members for your Wellness Team is an important and essential task.
Use the following criteria to get started.

Ref: Excellence Canada

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Team Roles and Accountabilities

Providing your team with clear roles and responsibilities ensures clarity and minimizes conflict.

Team Roles and Responsibilities
Ref: Excellence Canada

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Great Team Checklist

Having a diverse and committed team is key to making your program successful. Assess your team's strengths, and detect shortcomings using this checklist.

Great Team Checklist
Ref: Excellence Canada

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Healthy Workplace Charter

The Charter combines policy statements and goals with practical budgeting, structural planning and success factors to deliver on commitments.

Ref: Excellence Canada

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Planning Tools

Engaging employees in planning is essential for developing your wellness program and for achieving long-term success.
To get you started here are some examples:

Workplace Health and Wellness- Getting Started
Ref: Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety

Five Steps to a Successful Workplace Wellness Program a RAND toolkit
Ref: Rand Workplace Wellness Study

Action Plan for Mental Health
ef: Heads Up (Australia)

Healthy Workplace Toolkit
Ref: Live Well North West Florida

Workplace Wellness Tools
Ref: The Heart and Stroke Foundation

Mental Health Promotion Toolkit
Ref: Canadian Mental Health Association

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Implementation Plan

Establish a preliminary implementation plan to identify key milestones for your plan and communications and marketing goals.

Ref: Excellence Canada

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SMART Goals & Action Plan Template

Once you have developed your SMART goals, start building your action plan and developing your program activities using this handy template.

Ref: Excellence Canada

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