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“Tips for Educating Employees". Start the Prezi slideshow below or download the PDF version by clicking here



Wellness Policy Sample

Ensure that your wellness policy statements are unique to your organization, are goal-directed, uplifting and emphasize collaboration with employees.

Policy - sample
Ref: Excellence Canada 

Develop a policy that promotes the well-being of employees ensures that Healthy Workplace Month happens year round.
Creation of a Healthy Workplace Policy
Source: Middlesex-London Health Unit

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Healthy Lifestyle Presentations

Educate employees on the relationship between personal health and chronic disease prevention to improve healthy lifestyles.
These presentations can be shared at Lunch and Learns, webinars or on your organizations website.

Source: Excellence Canada

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5 Newsletter Tips

  • Be brief!
    No one wants to read a text-heavy newsletter, or one over 2 pages in length

  •  No Attachments!
    Never send email newsletters as attachment, they are likely to go to junk filters, and recipients are unlikely to take the time to open attachments

  • Test, Test, and Test again!
    Test all email newsletters more than once to ensure that they are received as you intended them

  • Give them what they want!
    Ask your recipients what topics they would like to know more about, and how often they would like to receive correspondences, and always try and use the newest most interesting information

  • Be seen!
    Post newsletters in visible places like behind bathroom doors and at front desks. Hand them out only if relevant in meetings or Lunch & Learns and use social media to boost viewership on your content.

Ref: Excellence Canada 
Inga Graves, Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion, Centennial College, 2015

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"What is an EAP?"

Help your employees better understand the services offered by your organization’s EAP program using this tool.
Ref: Great-West Life –Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

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Mental Health Awareness - Lunch & Learns

Build awarenss about mental health issues in the workplace with lunch and learn sessions for all employees and/or leaders. 

Working Through It.
Resources that can be used to build awareness, including videos, guides and weekly emails

Managing Mental Health Matters

Tools for developing leaders knowledge and skills to manage mental health issues in the workplace.

Ref: Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace  

8 Tips on holding Mental Health Lunch n Learns
Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace - powerpoint

Ref: Workplace Safety& Prevention Services (WSPS)

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'Mindful Manager' for Mental Health

Join the 'Mindful Manager' community and connect with other professionals striving to support mental health in the workplace!

View this Webinar

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Posters: Templates and Samples

Posters are a great way to communicate important information to employees quickly and easily. Make sure to hang posters in high-traffic areas and consider places where employees will face them, like the backs of doors and lunch room bulletin boards.

Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Workplace Health and Wellness

Great-West Life Posters for Mental Health Awareness

WELCOA Posters for Physical Activity Promotion

ParticipACTION Unplug & Play Poster


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Sleep Health

Good Sleep Hygiene!

Increase awareness of this critical business issue! One in three working-age adults regularly fail to get enough sleep! [i]
The key way your workplace can actively promote good sleep health, is to role model behavior!

Demonstrate that working long hours in exchange for reduced sleep is counterproductive and should not be encouraged. Here are some tips for educating your workforce:

Source: GCC Insights 2016

 - Schedule and role model sleep –friendly work hours

 - Discourage emails after hours and on weekends

 - Allow nap breaks when appropriate

 - Provide education about sleep and screening for sleep disorders

 - Prohibit forced or coerced overtime

Fatigue Prevention in the Workplace  - Guidebook
Source: Work Safe Victoria

Sleep Hygiene - presentation
Source: Excellence Canada

Relaxation Meditations

[i] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 3 Adults Don’t Get Enough Sleep .CDC. 2016 


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Business Case for a Healthy Workplace

Developing a Business Case is an essential starting point for your wellness program. See the attached Business Case resource to help you make a strong argument for employee well-being and organizational health!

The Business Case for Health and Safety
Workplace Safety and Prevention Services Ontario 

Business Case for Mental Health
Great-West Life Workplace Strategies for Mental Health in the Workplace

Making the Business Case for Investments in Workplace Health and Wellness
Ref: Conference Board of Canada  pdf - June 2012

Creating Healthy Workplaces - Guide
Ref: Industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA) /Workplace Safety& Prevention Services (WSPS)

Healthy Workplace Journey  - Guide
Ref: Health and Safety Ontario/ Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS)

Hygiene Wellness - The Business Case
Ref: Kimberly-Clark Professional


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Stress Management Tools

Managing stress in the workplace includes identifying the primary sources of stress, teaching employees about techniques to manage their stress and using planning tools to address stress in the workplace.

Here are some tools:

Mental Health Awareness:
Tools and Resources
Working Through It Weekly Emails
Ref; Workplace Strategies for Mental Health - Great-West Life Centre

How To Tackle Work Related Stress
Working Together To Reduce Stress
Other Tools and Resouces
Ref: Health and Safety Executive, UK




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Employee Financial Wellbeing

Personal finances cause physical and mental stress on the majority of employees and this has many
negative health results. By helping people to better understand and control their finances they will be happier, healthier, more productive people - essential for a healthy workpace!


Source: Employee Financial Well-Being

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Healthy Habits That Work - Webinar

Kick start your Healthy Workplace Initiatives!

Considering that the average Canadian spends 36 hours at work per week, it's not surprising that the workplace can significantly affect overall health and well-being. Get up to speed on healthy habits you can adopt during your working hours. 

In this webinar you'll learn numerous practical strategies for eating better, keeping active, improving the physical environment, and staying mentally fit - and discover the roles that both employers and workers can play in achieving and maintaining a healthy work/life balance. 

Ref: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) 

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Wellness Program Planning

Educate and engage employees in planning healthy activities to enhance their health.
Launch activities in your workplace that will boost morale and celebrate health at work.

PDF Resources and Tools

Source: Wellness Fits – Canadian Cancer SocietyWorkplace wellness modules and educate tools to promote the health and well-being of  your employees!


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